BELLEVUE, Wash., July 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clearwire Corporation(NASDAQ: CLWR) ("Clearwire" or "The Company") has announced theresults of its Special Meeting of Stockholders held today. TheCompany reported that the required majority of Clearwirestockholders not affiliated with Sprint or SoftBank and more than75 percent of the outstanding shares entitled to vote thereon votedin favor of the merger agreement proposal to acquire all shares ofClearwire which Sprint does not currently own for $5.00 per share.In total, at the Special Meeting, the holders of approximately 82percent of the unaffiliated outstanding shares of common stock, asof April 2, 2013, the record date for the Special Meeting, castvotes in favor of the transaction. Also, the holders ofapproximately 95 percent of the outstanding shares of common stockas of April 2, 2013, including the approximately 50.2 percent ofshares already held by Sprint, cast votes in favor of thetransaction.

"We are pleased that our stockholders recognize the value andmerits of our merger with Sprint," said Erik Prusch, President andCEO of Clearwire. "The Clearwire team is looking forward to workingclosely with our counterparts at Sprint to realize the potential ofour assets inherent in this combination as we integrate our twocompanies.

"In addition, I would like to offer my sincere thanks andappreciation to the entire team at Clearwire. Their hard work,dedication and relentless focus on our business were instrumentalin successfully accomplishing all that we did as a company. I amextremely proud of this group of people, and see today's result asa culmination of the value they have delivered to ourinvestors."

Stockholders today also voted to approve all of the additionalproposals, including the NASDAQ Authorization proposal, the CharterAmendment proposal, and a non-binding proposal regarding certainmerger-related executive compensation arrangements. 

The Company and Sprint currently expect to close the merger onJuly 9, 2013.

About Clearwire

Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ: CLWR), through its operatingsubsidiaries, is a leading provider of 4G wireless broadbandservices offering services in areas of the U.S. where more than 130million people live. The company holds the deepest portfolio ofwireless spectrum available for data services in the U.S. Clearwireserves retail customers through its own CLEAR ® brand aswell as through wholesale relationships with some of the leadingcompanies in the retail, technology and telecommunicationsindustries, including Sprint and NetZero. The company isconstructing a next-generation 4G LTE Advanced-ready network toaddress the capacity needs of the market, and is also workingclosely with the Global TDD-LTE Initiative to further the TDD-LTEecosystem. Clearwire is headquartered in Bellevue, Wash. Additionalinformation is available at

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