Fraser is an experienced executive in the chemicals industry, and has been CEO of two chemical companies. He has served on KMG’s board since 2008 and as chairman of the board since December 2012. In his role as interim CEO, Fraser will lead the business, in conjunction with KMG’s existing management team.

“Our recently completed acquisition of the Ultra Pure Chemicals business from OM Group results in a company one-third larger in terms of revenue and with expanded global breadth,” Fraser said. “As the company pursues its growth strategy in selected specialty chemicals markets, our challenges and opportunities will necessarily increase given KMG’s expanded operations in Europe and first physical presence in Asia. The selection criteria for the next CEO reflect this new stage in the company’s growth and the skills and experience that the future will require,” he said.

J. Neal Butler biographical information

J. Neal Butler was named KMG’s president and CEO on June 1, 2007. Butler was employed in 2004 as the chief operating officer and was added to the board of directors on February 20, 2007. Before joining the Company, Mr. Butler was CEO and president of Naturize BioSciences, which specialized in biological treatments for the turf, crop and plant care markets. Prior to that, he served in various senior management positions at Zeneca Agrochemicals and ISK Biosciences. Butler started his career with Diamond Shamrock and later Fermenta ASC in various sales, product management and division manager positions.

Chris Fraser biographical information:

Christopher T. Fraser has served as board director of KMG Chemicals, Inc. since June 2008 and was elected chairman of the board of directors in December 2012. As an operating partner of the global equity firm Advent International since 2011, he advises that firm on investment opportunities in the industrial sector, focusing on chemicals and materials. Until his retirement in 2009, Fraser was president and CEO of Chemical Lime Company, North America’s leading producer of calcium based (limestone) alkaline products with various industrial applications including the manufacture of steel, water treatment, flue gas desulphurization, and chemical production. Before joining Chemical Lime, he was president and CEO of OCI Chemical Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DC Chemical Co. Prior to joining OCI in 1990, Fraser held various positions of responsibility in sales, marketing, business development, operations and general management. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut and his Masters of Business Administration from Pepperdine University.

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