A New Fund at the Right Time

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- ETF industry veteran Christian Magoon recently hung his own shingle at the eponymous Magoon Capital to get into the fund business. YieldShares High Income ( YYY) is the firm's first product.

YYY is a fund of closed-end funds, or CEFs. CEFs are a double-edged sword. Most of the time they offer fantastic yields, but during times of market stress as we've seen in the last few weeks, they can be very volatile.

The reason for the volatility is the CEF structure. Traditional mutual funds and exchange-traded funds can increase or decrease their number of shares based on asset flows. CEFs offer a fixed number of shares, which during times of heightened emotions can cause the market price of a CEF to diverge dramatically from the underlying net asset value (NAV) of the CEF. That is where CEF's trading at a premium to NAV or discount to NAV comes into play.

The other dynamic is the extent to which CEFs employ leverage as a way to enhance yield. Similar to a margin account, that leverage can work against the net asset value during large declines.

YYY takes a balanced approach to asset allocation. Equity CEFs make up 59% of the fund. Debt funds make up 26% and broad asset-allocation funds 15%. The fund is populated through a screening of the CEF universe.

To be considered for inclusion, a fund's market cap must be at least $500 million and meet minimum daily trading requirements to ensure liquidity. Funds meeting that criteria then go through a scoring process based on yield, discount to NAV and liquidity. The 30 CEFs with the highest scores are put into the fund and this process will then reconstitute annually.

The fund skews toward some of the larger fund providers like Eaton Vance at 28% of the fund and Blackrock at 26%. This bias is due to the size and volume requirements for inclusion. Eaton Vance is a large company with a large presence, while a fund provider like Aberdeen is smaller and has no presence in YYY for now. Surprisingly, only 9.68% of the fund is allocated to funds from PIMCO, a giant player in all parts of the fund world.

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