SAN DIEGO ( MainStreet) -- Oxygen treatments, caviar facials, "liquid Botox" applications and whiskey scrubs: These are just some of the treatments spas are rolling out this summer to lure guests and keep clientele looking fabulous for the season.

We took a look at what's new at top luxury spas across the country -- the latest trends, the most exclusive offerings and the richest indulgences.

If money is no object and looking great is the goal, here are a few places that should be at the top of your list for pampering and primping:

L'Auberge de Sedona, Arizona
What better way to start summer than looking good and feeling blissful from a mind and body escape.

Nestled along the banks of Oak Creek amid Arizona's famous Red Rocks, L'Auberge de Sedona Spa recently revised its menu of services and product offerings. The result is a spa Conde Nast Traveler named one of the top hotel spas in the U.S.

"I worked with the team and together we chose product lines and worked with vendors and developed protocols," says spa director Maria De Simone of the spa's new offerings.

There are many fabulous choices for pampering and prepping for summer here, but the Sedona Dreams treatment with Vinyasa Vortex are among the latest.

Sedona Dreams is a 90-minute body indulgence that includes exfoliation with organic ginger-lime or almond-orange scrub as well as muscle massage with hot stones and a scalp massage -- all of which leave you with a clearer mind and total body hydration.

"The exfoliation and moisturization included in this treatment leave your body feeling so silky and smooth afterwards, " De Simone says. "Plus you're getting that hot stone massage and beautiful exfoliation."

Vinyasa Vortex is one of the spa's private yoga offerings, designed for people who want personalized attention.

"Our yoga instructors are amazing and help take your yoga to the next level, focusing on your form and breathing," De Simone says. "Summer is a time of relaxation -- you want to get your body into summer mode -- so Vinyasa is a way to do that."

The Spa at the Modern Honolulu, Hawaii
Want to look red carpet ready this summer and indulge in a facial celebrities use to look their best? Then make a reservation for this spa's "Liquid Botox" treatment in conjunction with The Oxygen Facial.

The Oxygen Facial is an A-list essential, credited with enhancing skin's appearance on demand, spa manager Makiko Braxton says. The facial infuses moisture-binding hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants into the skin via cool, calming topical oxygen.

The Liquid Botox treatment, meanwhile, is not actual Botox, but a serum and hyperbaric oxygen infusion that targets fine lines and wrinkles around the eye and lip area, plumping the skin from within. The results are almost as fantastic as real Botox. They are immediate and continue to develop for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment.

"This is really popular with Hollywood," Braxton says. "Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria all get this done right before an event. It's a really results-driven treatment. You will see the difference right after the treatment. Everybody will see."

Cornelia Spa at The Surrey, New York City
It's time to talk caviar. It's not only a luxurious food. It also does fabulous things for skin.

"It's good for you internally and externally," says Ellen Sackoff, of the Cornelia Spa, in The Surrey Hotel on Manhattan's posh Upper East Side.

Caviar is filled with vitamins, making it very nourishing. It also firms the skin. And provides hydration. All of which was a part of the rational for the spa's latest facial -- the Caviar and Oxygen Reparative Quench.

"My brand ambassador is an organic chemist, a registered nurse and a skin care junkie. He is wonderfully creative, and we came up with this treatment because we believe nourishment and oxygen are two things needed for survival of all living organisms and particularly for maintenance of beautiful skin," Sackoff says.

The highlights of this facial include seaweed and sea mud exfoliation, the caviar masque, application of purified marine collagen, a double dose of patented liquid oxygen and an oxygen enrichment masque. The finale is application of cutting-edge stem cell serum to encourage new skin growth.

To make this experience even more over the top, the facial is followed by a botanical tasting of caviar on toast points with creme fraiche and flute of Prosecco.

Top Notch Resort and Spa, Vermont
Long known for its massages, Top Notch recently added a menu of results-driven offerings to its services.

"We tried to add services for clients who are looking for relaxing and also want great results," spa director Alexandra Sharpe says.

Hot and new here is the diamond microdermabrasion treatment, which many skin care experts say is better than the once popular crystal microdermabrasion.

"Diamond microdermabrasion gives the skin rejuvenation without the adverse affects of crystal, such as the particles being blown across the skin," Sharpe explains.

This approach to microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells and initiates skin turnover without feeling as abrasive. And it respects the integrity of the skin, Sharpe says.

Another bonus of this spa: the location. It's part of the Top Notch Resort, nestled in the mountains of Vermont, with two outdoor pools and spectacular views.

The Spa at Rancho Bernardo Inn, California
The setting of this spa is half the treat. Located 30 minutes outside San Diego, where you're blanketed in bone-warming desert heat, Rancho Bernardo Inn is a sprawling hacienda-style resort. Walking through the resort to the spa, you're surrounded by the fragrances of jasmine, rosemary and lavender. At the spa entrance there's a stunning saltwater swimming pool and several casitas or outdoor treatment rooms nearby.

This spa's focus is using organic and natural ingredients to cleanse the body and leave skin healthy and glowing.

The spa's 'Made Fresh Daily' limited edition packages highlight the best products in season. The latest treatment under this banner is the Sweet Sugared Strawberry Treatment, which includes a strawberry sugar body scrub, oatmeal body wrap and massage and coconut oil scalp massage. The treatment is finished with a strawberry honey lemonade.

"Strawberry has a lot of alpha-hydroxy acids," spa director Cindy Boody says. "They also have lot of different vitamins to help keep your skin safe while out in summer sun -- vitamins A, C, E, and K. We also included oatmeal, so you're getting skin-drenching hydration."

Spa Gregorie's, Newport Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita and Del Mar, Calif.
These deluxe boutique spas are among the nation's best day spas, consistently receiving awards for "Favorite Day Spa" from industry-leading magazines such as American Spa, Day Spa and Spa Finder (as well as reader-voted publications).

Spa Gregorie's hottest treatment for this season is the Arcona Organic Brightening Facial, which addresses uneven pigmentation and fine lines, improves skin clarity and smoothness. It's another secret of some of Hollywood's most famous faces. The treatment relies on a combination of enzymes, Kojic Acid, Lactic Acid and Vitamin C.

The 50-minute treatment makes you feel pampered, and your skin can be clear and glowing for days afterward.

And this is not a spa you want to rush out of after the treatment is over. Arrive to your treatment early or plan to stay afterward to enjoy the spa's eucalyptus steam rooms or tranquil quiet rooms. The spa also provides a locker room fully stocked with skin and hair care products.

Rancho Valencia Spa, California
And finally, it's not only women who are concerned about their appearance. Men certainly have their share of vanities and image concerns, no matter what the season. And for that, Rancho Valencia has designed just the treatment: the Bourbon Cowboy treatment.

The treatment involves a hot whiskey body treatment and Bourbon Bubbler Scrub. This is followed by lotion application with Whoopie! White Velvet Cream, which is aimed at soothing skin and fighting wrinkles through deep penetration of vitamins A and E.

"The alcohol in whiskey has a strong dose of antioxidants, which destroy cancer cells," spa director Arielle Sutton says. "Topically you can benefit from antioxidants. So while it's a fun, whimsical treatment, there's a lot of therapeutic benefit."