Top 10 Companies Hiring Managers This Week

By Dan Fastenberg

Wages have been stagnant for most jobs over the past decade. So if you're hoping to increase your salary significantly, your best option is to try to make the leap into management. Indeed, the average manager's salary is $108,570 -- or more than double the average salary of U.S. workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So where are the opportunities? Who is hiring?

Here are the 10 employers with most management positions open this week:

1. Pizza Hut Jobs: 6,176 managerial openings.

After 55 years in the business, Pizza Hut continues to expand, adding new locations nationwide. In its recent hunt for a digital manager, the fast-food chain asked applicants interviewing for the job to prove their ability to get a message across in Twitter-like brevity by limiting their "elevator speeches" to just 140 seconds.

Manager Review: "If you work fast and efficiently there are chances to get promoted."*

2.Petco Jobs: 5,971 managerial openings.

San Diego-based Petco's chain of pet supplies stores number more than a thousand across the U.S. and, along with its large supermarket-type operations, now includes smaller, mom-and-pop-style neighborhood stores, Unleashed by Petco.

Manager Review: "Petco is a very collaborative culture and the people who work here are great. I get to bring my dog to work and wear casual jeans all summer long. They have dog parks, foosball and a Wii as well as a beautiful facility here in San Antonio. They really are great about following their values: Integrity, Learning, Continuous Improvement, Teamwork, Performance, Recognition and FUN!"*

3. Vector Marketing Jobs: 4,377 managerial openings.

Vector Marketing of Olean, N.Y., is the domestic sales arm of the cutlery company, Cutco, which sells knives and other implements nationwide. Vector offers part-time, full-time and temporary sales jobs, including summer work, and says that experience in sales isn't required.

Manager Review: "Experience is not necessary and there is no initial fee. Also, the firm has strong pay incentives and sells a good product."*

4. Combined Insurance Jobs: 2,707 managerial openings.

Combined Insurance is a supplemental insurance provider of accident insurance, life insurance, critical care coverage and other services. In April it announced plans to hire 3,000 agents and sales managers for 2013, to add to its staff of more than 5,000 worldwide.