Blue Marble Media Shoots For Success And Wins With Ariba Discovery

Cal Miller used to spend 90 percent of his time fishing for business. Today, the Vice President of Business Development for Blue Marble Media, a full-service video and motion graphics firm, is reeling it in, thanks to Ariba Discovery™, the premier service for matching business buyers and sellers offered by Ariba, an SAP Company.

“Finding new business leads is the major issue for a small business like us,” Miller says. “We tried buying lists and outsourcing and neither worked. If we got 100 requests a year, only 10 were really qualified.”

Then Miller signed up for Ariba Discovery, and everything changed. “We got a new client, a large bank, that didn’t bother to have us go through their standard vetting process,” Miller said. “They heard we were on the Ariba Network and gave us their business, just like that. Another prospect did the same thing.”

Delivered via the Ariba® Network, Ariba Discovery simplifies the process of discovering qualified business partners and leads by instantly matching buyer requirements to supplier capabilities.

“There are plenty of tools that buying organizations can use to find new trading partners, but figuring out whether these suppliers can meet their needs is a bit of a battle,” said Rob Mihalko, Vice President, Seller Marketing & Ariba Discovery at Ariba. “And while selling organizations devote a lot of time and resources to promoting themselves to prospective customers, they often come up empty.”

Ariba Discovery is uniquely designed to help buyers and sellers overcome these challenges, combining a proprietary matching engine with unique profile information to help buyers identify the right trading partners, and sellers generate more relevant leads more quickly.

“In the last four months, Ariba Discovery has saved us at least 100 man-hours,” Miller says. But more important, it has delivered results. According to Miller, Blue Marble Media has received more than 40 qualified leads through the service. And he says he was able to convert them faster than ever as a result of being on the Ariba Network.

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