Independent Research Study Finds EnCase® Cybersecurity Can Deliver 388 Percent Return On Investment And Pays For Itself In Just Over Four Months

Guidance Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: GUID), the World Leader in Digital Investigations™, today released third-party research of a significant financial return on investment from its incident response and sensitive data discovery solution, EnCase® Cybersecurity. According to the Forrester Consulting “Total Economic Impact™ of EnCase Cybersecurity for Incident Response” study commissioned by Guidance Software and dated May 2013, a global automobile manufacturer (GAM) realized a risk-adjusted return on investment of 388 percent, a benefit of more than $2.4 million over three years, and a payback period of just over four months.

EnCase Cybersecurity empowers customers to rapidly respond to security breaches and to effectively discover sensitive data residing anywhere on their networks. Unlike other security solutions that monitor data in motion or use a signature-based approach to detect known threats, EnCase Cybersecurity delivers comprehensive visibility across all endpoints and servers on the network and enables the rapid triage and remediation of security breaches, as well as locates and wipes errant sensitive data in unauthorized locations for security and compliance purposes.

According to an executive interview in the study, by using EnCase Cybersecurity, the North American security team of the global automotive manufacturer is on average seven times more efficient at identifying and neutralizing incidents than other regions not having the benefit of EnCase Cybersecurity.

Based on interviews with the customer, Forrester identified several quantifiable benefits from the customer’s use of EnCase Cybersecurity, including:

Reduced time to validate and triage threats: The customer achieved an 89 percent reduction in time to identify threats and develop remediation plays, from 9.1 days to one day per breach. The security team is able to avoid manual searches because EnCase Cybersecurity runs kernel-level scans on endpoints.

Reduced time to remediate breaches: The customer experienced a 90 percent reduction in the time it took them to implement the average breach remediation plan, from 8.8 days to 0.9 days per incident. The customer told Forrester that once the security team isolates threat artifacts, EnCase Cybersecurity halts malicious processes in real time and wipes related artifacts off of the disk.

Reduced impact on server downtime: The customer attained a reduction in server downtime of over 98 percent, from 100 days to less than two days per incident for restoring servers to a trusted state. Before using EnCase Cybersecurity, the practice was to wipe and reimage servers; now, using EnCase Cybersecurity, the GAM conducts remote and targeted remediation.

“We believe this practical and quantifiable analysis by a respected analyst firm reveals what Guidance Software customers have known for a long time: through its ability to capture detailed endpoint activity, EnCase Cybersecurity empowers organizations to drastically alter the way they respond to security breaches,” said Alex Andrianopoulos, vice president, Marketing for Guidance Software. “As a result, our EnCase Cybersecurity customers can rapidly identify, contain and remediate threats while significantly reducing the cost and risk associated with cyber security breaches.”

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