6. Minneapolis, Minn.
Bike score: 78.5
Population: 382,578
Percentage of bicycle commuters: 3.37%

It's the biggest city on this list and easily has the most bike commuters, but Minneapolis bike culture is about far more than getting to and from work.

As mentioned earlier, the city's Nice Ride bike share system has not only been a huge success since starting in 2010, but it's expanded to 146 locations and more than 1,300 bikes. While not huge by today's standards, when even Long Beach, Calif., has more than 2,500 bike-share rides, that program is just one cog in the city's streamlined approach to cycling.

Minneapolis has more than 120 miles of on- and off-street trails, hosts education programs for cyclists and actively prods more people to get on their bikes by employing four full-time staffers in its bike ambassador program. Their whole job is to help break the myth that cyclists are somehow dangerous, elitist road hazards and to teach cyclists that motorists and pedestrians aren't just obstacles to overcome, but folks who share the roads with them and deserve their respect.

As even more incentive to ride, the city also subsidizes shower, locker and bicycle storage facilities at downtown parking garages.

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