Kass: Why I Have Left Twitter

This column originally appeared on Real Money Pro at 9:07 a.m. EDT on June 17.

NEW YORK ( Real Money Pro) -- Twitter is a potentially wonderful platform. Often intelligent messages, observations and substantive material are delivered in a timely and succinct manner.

Interaction, in theory, on Twitter represents the democratization of investment information. As such, it is, again, in theory, an extraordinary advancement.

After all these years, especially since I have a contrarian streak, my skin is thick, but I have come to the conclusion that tweeting is simply not worth the time or effort.

Unfortunately, there are many haters in the social blogosphere, who, perhaps because of their own issues, drown out the many good people who want a value-added investment experience by learning more and enjoying a healthy dialogue in real time.

As I recently wrote, " Haters Gonna Hate."

Some of the haters are quite visible. There is no need to identify them, but they typically have their own agenda (usually something to sell). They seem to think that by attacking others, their status or service will be lifted.

Mostly the haters are unhappy and anonymous people who have found a platform that is uncensored and provides no consequences for stupid, hostile and meaningless tweets.

In the beginning, I tried to respond to the haters point by point, but it was time-consumptive and ultimately frustrating. And, at times, I freely admit that I drifted towards their behavior. (Shame on me, but I am only human!)

It is not like debating someone (with a neutral moderator) on CNBC or on Bloomberg.

Most, if not all, of the haters know how to deliver a check, but, not surprisingly, many can't take a check!

Many have deflected and ignored my analysis and have retreated to attacks. That is the nature of the platform; there is no responsibility nor is anyone censured.

There is no accountability for their comments, as most of these haters hide behind the anonymity of a pseudonym or avatar.

I do not. My name is spelled out, and I have been transparent of view.

I have had an opinion. That opinion is based on what I think is thoughtful analysis.

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