First Liberty Power Advances Fencemaker Mining Operation

Las Vegas, NV, June 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- First Liberty Power Corp. (OTCQB: FLPC), aninnovative and diversified mine exploration and development companyfocused on bringing to market "Mined in America" strategicindustrial minerals, announced today that the Small MineDevelopment (SMD) mining personnel are scheduled to be on locationat the Fencemaker antimony mining project startingMonday. 

VP Operations Robert Reynolds, together withDirector James Vogan of First Liberty's strategic partner StockpileReserves, LLC, elaborated "The first operational items will be tocomplete the water removal and water storage plan, followedimmediately by the full reinforcement of the existing adit. Subsequent to the completion of these operational safety matters,the start of stibnite ore removal from Fencemaker is forecast tocommence in the latter portion of July.  SRL, in addition tocollaborating with SMD, will oversee the Fencemaker work site."

Mr. Nicholson further stated, "We are pleasedthat we remain on target to transform First Liberty Power from anexploration and development venture to a revenue-generatingproduction operation. Our strategic planning has helped us achievethese initial goals and we will continue to inform our shareholdersand investors of our continued progress through our Pathways ofProgress updates."

ABOUT FIRST LIBERTY POWER CORPORATION(OTCQB: FLPC): First Liberty Power Corporation is aninnovative and diversified mine exploration and development companyfocused on bringing to market "Mined in America" strategicindustrial minerals.  The FLPC corporate philosophy is drivenby a dedication to Pathways of Progress, a program of bestcorporate practices designed to rapidly drive the company towardsmine production/milling and to serve the greatest benefit of FLPCshareholders, investors and mining partners, while ensuring safety,environmental integrity, and good governance.  Presently, FLPChas interests in four properties: the Fencemaker antimony projectin Nevada, the Lida Valley and Smoky Valley lithium brine projectsin Nevada, and the San Juan vanadium/uranium project in Utah.

ABOUT STOCKPILE RESERVES, LLC(SRL): SRL is a Nevada-based company dedicated to thesafe, environmentally sound and efficient extraction of strategicindustrial minerals. 

ABOUT SMALL MINE DEVELOPMENT(SMD): SMD builds and operates America's undergroundmines, specializing in underground, hardrock mining fromexploration, through engineering, development, production mining,and, ultimately, closure.  The SMD mission is to be the leaderin safe, productive and innovative mining solutions.

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