Dell Helps Redstation Grow Business By 70 Percent A Year

Redstation, a provider of dedicated hosting and co-location services, has experienced year-on-year growth of up to 70 percent with its dedicated infrastructure and cloud services underpinned by Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers . The company selected Dell PowerEdge servers following a competitive analysis against HP and Supermicro.

Redstation states it is able to achieve improved scalability, memory density and storage capacity with Dell PowerEdge R720xd servers and PowerVault storage. A 72 percent reduction in power cost has been achieved with the new infrastructure in place compared with its legacy infrastructure, allowing for an improved density per footprint without increased power costs. This has helped Redstation keep its prices low for customers, which is critical in the hosting industry where the ability to bring solutions to market quickly and at an affordable cost defines success.

Redstation regularly assesses solutions from vendors like HP and Supermicro, but “we always opt for Dell,” said Martin Groom, Managing Director, Redstation. “We get exceptional business value from Dell solutions. Dell’s enterprise portfolio is always evolving to meet the changing needs of our business which means that we can trust in the technology we invest in both in the short and long term. From the perspective of a hosting provider, Dell can’t be matched right now. We get great performance from our IT, enabling us to keep down overheads and deliver reliable and cost-effective services to our customers. Our relationship with Dell allows us to regularly trial new technology which allows greater innovation and continued growth which is expected to exceed 70 percent this year. We can maintain our competitiveness in the hosting market because of the performance of our Dell technology.”

Redstation has virtualized the majority of its Dell servers using VMware ESXi5.1 server virtualization software and, following the project’s completion, troubleshooting time for its clients’ has been reduced by up to 80 percent. Dell’s remote Access Controller 7 (iDRAC7) with Lifecycle Controller stores log files and systems errors so Redstation no longer has to log on to its customers’ machines in order to run diagnostic tests. Redstation can instantly locate a problem and replace the faulty component within minutes.

UK-based Redstation is at the forefront of hosting and cloud solutions. It manages thousands of servers and hosts thousands of websites, email accounts and other applications for clients in more than 100 countries. To remain ahead of the competition, Redstation is constantly upgrading its facilities and works with Dell to deliver world-class technology, help increase performance and reduce costs. The stability of the Dell infrastructure helps ensure that Redstation is able to meet its customer service-level agreements.

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