8. 2013 Honda (HMC) CR-V.

Starting price: $22,795

For dads everywhere, the CR-V is the universal signal for surrender. It's the white flag that's indicated they've committed to someone else's needs other than their own by sacrificing the cooler ride he owned in the city for something more practically suited to shuttling around the suburbs and beyond.

At least he's surrendering into friendly hands. The popular crossover's 2012 overhaul only made it more alluring by adding a leather interior, heated seats, rearview windows and a navigation system with controls mounted on the steering wheel. It's also trimmed fuel efficiency to a combined 27 miles per gallon while leaving all 70 cubic feet of cargo space untouched. As practical dad utility vehicles go, it's a sound choice and one he won't be alone in parking in the school lot.

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