2. 2013 Honda (HMC) Accord

Starting price: $21,680

Even the blandest midsize cars on the market need a makeover every so often.

Honda's goal was to make the Accord less of a Point A-to-Point B snoozefest by adding standard an 8-inch LCD display for its information, communication and app-based entertainment system, a single-angle backup camera, dual-zone climate control, a lane-drift detector, a power moonroof and alloy wheels to its 2013 model. The snazzy new options include a three-angle backup cam, enhanced safety sensors, LED running lights and adaptive cruise control.

What dad should be most excited about, however, is the Accord's combined 32 miles per gallon. The rest is pretty, but having a little more money in one's pocket makes it a lot easier to enjoy the rest.

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