Sony PS4 more compelling to consumers

For $399, consumers get a powerful console. Users may also get a camera peripheral by adding just $59 more. Specifications for the PS4 are also better than that of the Xbox One. The PS4 has a faster graphics chip and memory. Microsoft wants to make it console capable doing many things simultaneously. For example, watching TV while using Skype might be possible for users.

Sony shares are outperforming that of Microsoft by a wide margin. Much of the gains are due to shareholder activism. There is a call to spin off Sony’s entertainment unit.


Sony won the console battle with Xbox One, because the PS4 will be more powerful, will have fewer restrictions on used games, and will cost less for consumers. Kinect adds features like voice commands, but the additional features essentially raise the console’s price.

Written by  Chris Lau , Kapitall Contributor


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