Cramer: Way More Upside for PVH

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NEW YORK ( Real Money) -- Some CEOs are worth banking on, even in this once-placid, now-treacherous-and-difficult market. Manny Chirico is one of them.

Manny's taken PVH ( PVH), the old Philips Van Heusen, from a company with a pastiche of brands and turned it into a total global powerhouse with the purchase of Tommy Hilfiger a few years back.

The acquisition was so successful that people jumped all over the stock when Manny then scooped up Warnaco to get the portion of Calvin Klein that PVH didn't own, especially Calvin jeans, which is a huge brand overseas.

But in a very rare move, PVH missed the last quarter, as it turned out that Warnaco was doing very poorly, particularly in Europe where Spain and Italy are the two biggest markets. Manny had to guide numbers down by 25 cents, which killed the stock.

Then, last night, he reported the quarter we were all hoping for, with a very solid number from Calvin Klein and still one more terrific number from Tommy, and the stock's roaring back with a vengeance.

But here's what you need to know. The stock's got much more upside than it's delivering today -- much more. The $7 guide is way low.

This will be the quarter that Calvin Klein's distribution system gets rationalized and the right people are put in to turn around jeans. I also think that higher-quality jeans will be in the stores in Europe, which is very important because Calvin jeans have a very high price point in Europe.

If you believe a I do that Europe's bottoming, then you should begin to look forward to some better numbers from Italy and Spain. But more importantly, Tommy's distribution system in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe is superb. Calvin is pretty much non-existent there, but I think that will all change this quarter.

Plus, the weather's been appreciably better for all the brands since the new quarter began.

Tommy gave this company three years of amazing performance as the company wasn't built out and the brand wasn't as big as it is now.

Calvin Klein, after the initial stumble, is now where Tommy was when Manny bought it. The runway here is huge and the company hasn't even had a chance yet to integrate Tommy into the strong Brazillian and Chinese Calvin market.

So, I would buy some, even as it's up huge, because all it is doing is recovering from what should have happened before. Then, I would wait to see if the market brings it down so you can buy more.

It's just that strong a story.

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