Google is not the only technology provider dealing with these secret court orders. Microsoft ( MSFT) and Facebook ( FB) are caught in the same situation. Both companies have also asked the government for permission to reveal a little bit more about their government dealings under FISA.

I'm not sure publishing details about who the government spies on - when they do it - or why - will ultimately keep anyone safe. And, I wonder whether there is actually a way to control these requests other than to regulate them out of existence.

These new high-tech problems are a by-product of the giant connectivity explosion the world has experienced over the past few decades. I don't see any better way for Internet providers or the government to protect our personal freedoms and keep us safe at the same time. Unfortunately, high-tech snooping is now a big part of today's online universe.

I can proudly report that I'm not a threat to anyone. I'm somewhat uncomfortable with the idea that the government might be spying on me. However, I think spying on everyone else is perfectly fine.

--Written by Gary Krakow in New York.

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Gary Krakow is TheStreet's senior technology correspondent.

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