Will Apple Ever Release a New Product?

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- It's probably best for me to open by talking about a Bloomberg video from a couple of days ago. I've included it here, down in the middle of this page. Somehow I overlooked this beauty.

Watch two highly respected guys -- VC Glenn Solomon of GGV Capital and Paul Kedrosky, a private investor and frequent Bloomberg contributor -- talk about Apple ( AAPL). They dig into iTunes Radio ahead of its launch and Kedrosky speaks specifically about Tim Cook being "in the hot seat."

Apple fans can trash me all they want, but I feel like the opinions I have been expressing for months stand among good and more-than-credible company.

I have had Cook on the hot seat practically since he took over, but most pointedly since late last year. See April 17, 2013's Tim Cook Must Go, He's No Better Than Ron Johnson for a summary and Wednesday's Tim Cook Killed Apple One More Time This Week for the latest.

Practically everything Solomon and Kedrosky said resonated with me, but the latter's comments about Cook, particularly in relation to innovation at Apple, hit the sweet spot.

Paraphrasing Kedrosky here ... When the story comes out about why we have this giant product hole ... that something fell out ... maybe Apple TV ... something went awry ... was mismanaged ... bad execution on a new product ... it will end up at Cook's door.


Let's go back to Aug. 17, 2012: Tim Cook Has No Idea How to Move Forward With Apple TV:
Just prior to his death, Steve Jobs said that he had the whole television thing figured out. He cracked the code! What the hell has happened since? ...
Something that was apparently figured out under Jobs has become a mess under Cook.

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