Echologics Introduced Fixed Leak Detection Solution

DENVER, June 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Utilities will be able to accurately detect and monitor leaks on selected water transmission mains from the office—24/7—with fixed leak detection from Echologics. This new technology, which is designed to help reduce the risk of catastrophic main breaks, was introduced at the American Water Works Association's Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE13) in Denver, Colorado. It is expected to be commercially available by the end of 2013.

A division of Mueller Co., Echologics is a leading developer and provider of acoustic-based technologies for water loss management, leak detection, and pipe condition assessment. It pioneered the development of LeakFinderRT™, its proprietary, acoustic-based system that can non-invasively locate leaks within approximately 3 to 6 feet of accuracy—without breaking ground or inserting tools into the water system.

Echologics' fixed leak detection solution combines components of LeakFinderRT™ with GPS and cellular telemetry, creating a centralized network that continuously monitors critical transmission mains and alerts utilities of leaks and transient events, which can result in catastrophic main breaks. With this new product, alerts of detected leaks and information regarding their sizes and locations will immediately be sent to utilities via email, text message or phone call, or through Echologics' web-based customer interface. 24/7 access to such information from the office will be able to help utilities more proactively and efficiently identify and repair leaks before they result in breaks that threaten public safety and carry significant costs in terms of time and resources.

"Transmission main leaks are a major concern for utilities due to the high pressures involved and the potential for soil destabilization that can quickly turn a small leak into a large break," said Marc Bracken, vice president and general manager for Echologics. "By integrating our proven, acoustic-based leak detection technology with a cellular network, we will provide utilities with around the clock information they can use to quickly mitigate leaks and better protect their critical water infrastructure assets."

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