I'm Done With Facebook

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Over the weekend, it hit me. I was so right back in August 2012 when I wrote Why Twitter Will Live and Facebook Will Die.

Once "brands" finally figure out their Facebook ( FB) "strategies," it will have gone the way of MySpace.

Some perspective before getting into the things that set me off, triggering me to ditch my personal Facebook account.

I'm not saying Facebook can't work for brands. It works for TheStreet. As Director of Social Media, I run ads and promoted posts on the social network everyday. And we see results.

It's the hot thing . . . until it isn't anymore. It's the place where people go to find news and entertainment . . . until it isn't anymore.

Read the above-linked Twitter Will Live, Facebook Will Die story. It provides support for the contention that Twitter, not Facebook, is the proper and most sustainable information-oriented social platform.

In any event, several events over the past week brought me to the point where having a personal Facebook account made me feel like a fool.

First, on an individual level, the notion that Facebook connects people socially is borderline absurd, absolutely superficial. Sure. I get to "reconnect" with family members and old classmates I likely never would have come across without Facebook. Swell; however, it's background noise to the alternate reality Facebook perpetuates day in, day out.

This network of friends you have on Facebook is little more than an audience. I'm not breaking ground by saying this, but, yes, Facebook works as a platform for folks to present a representation of their ideal lives to this audience. Nice place to get attention and self-medicate on that attention. Few people use it in a way that might actually strengthen social bonds.

When tornadoes hit Oklahoma, I immediately looked up a guy I used to work with at a bicycle shop -- Russ Jones -- to make sure he wasn't dead. I was sincerely concerned. Facebook worked as a tool for me to track down Russ and determine he and his family were alright.

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