The Hydroflask Growler

Price: $50

The author of this list spends a healthy portion of his time writing about beer. Living in Portland, Ore., he also gets a lot of that beer poured into growlers -- 64-ounce glass jugs that allow a drinker to sample craft beer cheaply and do so without wasting bottles or cans. It's a great way to try various beers and it's an even better way to get to know the brewers and bartenders filling them.

That said, if you're buying one for your beer-loving dad, make sure he has a lot of drinking buddies on hand or can make 64 ounces of beer disappear in a day or less. While they're great for transport, unless the folks on the other end have a system for pressurizing your growler, that beer is going to go flat in a hurry. Stopgap solutions such as the Tap It Cap and Growler Saver are on the way, but not in time for Fathers Day.

The Hydro Flask's insulation and tight seal are the best chance you have for giving your dad a growler that will not only keep his beer cold under difficult conditions, but carbonated as well. That's the best a growler can do, at this point, and that's why it's going to cost you. A standard screwtop growler usually only sets you back $5 to $10, with fancier, steel-handled contraptions with porcelain flip-tops and rubber gaskets running about $30. Neither option can make the Hydro Flask's claims, however, which makes it an especially excellent option for a dad who'd never spring for such a thing himself.

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