Philips CitiScape Uptown Headphones

Price: $150

Dad, by nature, is old school. He still has his record collection kicking around, he still puts on The O'Jays or Gerry Rafferty when he thinks no one is listening and though he may have made the jump to digital and squirreled away some MP3s on his smartphone, he still likes dropping that needle, hearing that hiss and letting the rich tones he loved in his early days sink in again. He just doesn't like doing that looking like the middle-aged version of David Guetta. Sorry, but putting your Gen X-to-baby boomer dad in a pair of Beats By Dre or SkullCandy headphones is like saying Ke$ha sounds better on vinyl. It's incongruous at best and, at worst, just flat-out wrong.

Philips worked its way around this issue by designing noise-canceling headphones designed like the giant-plugged stereo versions of more than a generation before. Wrapping brown faux-leather over memory foam and 40 mm speakers, the Citiscape phones may be more comfortable and clear than he's used to, but will work wonders for his beloved stack of LPs. Just don't expect him to wear them anywhere but near his turntable and, perhaps, on a plane. Back in his day, you just didn't wear this kind of gear out in public.

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