Mercer International Inc. Provides Maintenance Shutdown And Second Quarter Update

NEW YORK, June 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mercer International Inc. (Nasdaq:MERC) (TSX:MRI.U) today announced that, during this current quarter of 2013, its Celgar mill took its annual scheduled major maintenance shutdown. As a result of a combination of a lightning strike at the mill and equipment and execution issues, the shutdown, which was planned for 11 days, took 15 days instead. Further, the start-up of the mill was slower than budgeted. The shutdown and slower start-up resulted in a loss of approximately 30,300 ADMTs of NBSK pulp production (of which approximately 14,300 ADMTs was unplanned) and a consequential loss of energy production. Mercer currently estimates that the Celgar mill's shutdown will have an overall negative impact of approximately €11 million to its operating income in its second quarter of 2013 results, compared to its first quarter 2013 results.

Mr. Jimmy Lee, President and Chairman, stated: "We believe the issues with this recent shutdown were isolated and the mill is performing well and operating at pre-shutdown levels." He concluded: "We believe our current inventory levels are adequate and anticipate no material customer issues from this event."

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