Informatica Chairman And CEO Sohaib Abbasi Unveils Vibe

Informatica World, Las Vegas, June 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA), the world's number oneindependent provider of dataintegration software, today introduced Informatica Vibe, theindustry's first and only embeddable virtual data machine (VDM),designed for the next generation of data-centric applications.Chairman and chief executive officer, Sohaib Abbasi, delivered a keynote address at the 13th Annual Informatica World conference in Las Vegas. Speaking to anaudience of nearly 2,000 attendees, Abbasi demonstrated how Vibewill uniquely transform and simplify data infrastructure fordevelopers, for IT staff and for extended business-IT teams.

With fifteen years of engineering effort behind it, InformaticaVibe simplifies the ever-increasing data infrastructure complexity- requiring fewer skills for developers to master, providing asingle virtualized data infrastructure for IT staff to manage andfacilitating further collaboration across the extended business-ITteam.

"Today, to radically simplify data infrastructure, Informaticais launching the industry's first and only virtual data machine -Vibe," said Sohaib Abbasi, chairman and chief executive officer,Informatica. "Using Vibe, developers, IT staff and extendedbusiness-IT teams are more productive, efficient and effective inaddition to being well-positioned to harness technology changes totheir advantage."

Benefits of Vibe


Empowered by Vibe, developers are more productive. Instead ofbuilding data integration jobs multiple times - once fortraditional middleware, another time to run in the database,separately for the Cloud and, yet again for Hadoop clusters -developers build once and deploy anywhere with Informatica VDM.Vibe allows developers to "Map Once. Deploy Anywhere." by providingnear-universal access to data regardless of where it resides and bysupporting common metadata-driven visual specification to transformdata regardless of how it is physically processed.

IT Staff

With the power of Vibe, IT staff are more efficient. Instead ofhaving the burden of managing multiple mappings for differentdeployment configurations, with Informatica VDM, IT staff cancentrally manage deployment of any mapping to better utilize allcomputing resources. With Vibe, IT professionals "Map Once.Optimize Anywhere." and gain an advantage even when unanticipatedtechnology changes occur.

Extended Business-IT Teams

And, finally enabled by Vibe, the extended business-IT team ismore effective. Instead of using disparate, incompatible tools,team members can utilize the comprehensive, unified Informaticaportfolio of products, designed to cover the gamut of skill-levelsfrom business users to business analysts to developers. With thecommon Informatica Vibe, team members "Map Once. Share Anywhere."Any work done by a team member using any Vibe-based product can beshared and reused by all other team members using any other productpowered by Vibe. 

Vibe's Advantage Today and Tomorrow

With Informatica Vibe, individuals can "Map Once. DeployAnywhere." to simplify data infrastructure and harness thenever-ending technology changes for their organization's advantage.As an example, almost any data integration job developed usingInformatica to run on traditional hardware can now, withoutadditional effort, run natively on Hadoop clusters.

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Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA) is the world's number oneindependent provider of data integrationsoftware.Organizations around the world rely on Informatica to realize their informationpotential and drive top business imperatives. Informatica Vibe, theindustry's first and only embeddable virtual data machine (VDM),powers the unique "Map Once. Deploy Anywhere." capabilities of theInformatica Platform. Worldwide, over 5,000 enterprises depend onInformatica to fully leverage their information assets from devicesto mobile to social to big data residing on-premise, in the Cloud and across social networks. For moreinformation, call +1 650-385-5000 (1-800-653-3871 in the U.S.), orvisit with Informatica at,


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