The new HDS6502 is OpenVPX-compliant and facilitates a straightforward migration of existing Mercury modules. Initially, HDS6502 modules will support Serial RapidIO ® Gen 2 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet via Mercury's next generation, low-latency POET (Protocol Offload Engine Technology) with full backward compatibility with software protocols including ICS (interprocessor communication system) and MPI/OFED (message passing interface/open fabrics enterprise distribution). The FPGA implementation of POET underscores another important future-proofing benefit of the HDS6502; its ability to upgrade to new fabrics types. In addition, implementing POET facilitates user customization and security features.

HDS6502 modules support various types of system I/O including PCIe Gen 3 to the expansion plane, eSATA, USB 3.0, Ethernet, serial ports and several graphic interfaces making these modules very comprehensive and allowing ease of configuration and deployment without the need for extra mezzanine modules.

Low I/O latency and reduced module power consumption is gained from the single die cache coherent memory architecture between the CPU and GPU resources. This is a required characteristic of multidimensional computing applications requiring high throughput, determinism and low latency, such as SIGINT, IMINT, RADAR, EO/IR and large data/graphics rendering with seamless display integration.

"The Intel Core i7-4700EQ with Intel Advanced Vector Extension 2.0 support and an on-die Intel HD Graphics 4600 GPU enables high volume graphic rendering and simultaneous data manipulation of real-time vector-based information which is characteristic of signal and image processing-intensive applications," said Marc Couture, Director of Product Management, Mercury Systems. "OpenCL support promotes a heterogeneous ecosystem which, packaged within a rugged module, is an ideal cornerstone for embedded system upgrades and new computing-intensive applications with stringent SWaP specifications.This is a significant adoption of commercial silicon integration, power and performance improvements applied into the defense marketplace."

"There is a real need for highly integrated CPU-GPU solutions offering higher performance and lower power. The 4th Generation Intel Core processor family delivers – providing game-changing integration of CPU and GPU technology on Intel's latest 22nm silicon manufacturing process," explains Sam Cravatta, Product Line Manager, Intel Intelligent Systems Group. "The OpenCL tools support allows the GPU functionality to be productively expanded into the high performance embedded computing markets including real-time signal and image processing applications."

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