The Internship
Release date: June 7
Sponsors: Google ( GOOG), Miller Lite ( TAP), ESPN, Rockstar

Welcome to that Google movie brought to you by Google, bros.

Because apparently all 20th Century Fox does before its summer vacation is court sponsors, it decided to expend a whole lot of energy going after the 18-to-35 male demographic by basing a whole film around two older, functionally obsolete dudes' experience as interns at Google. Since the Vince Vaughn + A Wilson Brother = Comedy formula worked so well in Old School Starsky and Hutch and Wedding Crashers, why not do it again?

Granted, it hasn't been attempted since Internship stars Vaughn and Owen Wilson tried it in Wedding Crashers back in 2005, but that didn't stop sponsors from smelling Old Spice and revenue right from the pitch meeting. Google was a given, but a Vaughn/Wilson movie needs a beer sponsor, a sports tie-in and an energy drink at the very least. Throw in a copy of Maxim with Isla Fisher on the cover, a case of Axe body spray and a 50 Cent song used ironically in the soundtrack and it's the halcyon of the pre-recession aughts all over again.

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