Iron Man 3
Release date: Now playing
Sponsors: Alcatel ( ALU), Audi, Verizon ( VZ) FiOS, Harley-Davidson ( HOG), Oracle ( ORCL), Red Baron Pizza, Skype ( MSFT), Subway, TCL, Visa ( V)

As we said earlier, Marvel, Paramount and Disney just flat out makes this look easy. Since the first Iron Man film released in 2008, those companies have ridden the simple nucleus of a wealthy superhero surrounded by all the tech toys he can buy into a boilerplate pitch to sponsors.

It's just a matter of filling in the categories. What kind of car is billionaire industrialist Tony Stark going to drive? Why, an Audi, of course. What's going to be his motorcycle of choice? Harley-Davidson. What company is going to run the servers that power not only his suits and automated assistant, but his mansion/headquarters? Oracle, as always.

Regardless of silly little things like plot, this plug-and-play approach works perfectly. Iron Man 3 cost roughly $200 million to make and has made nearly $1.2 billion to date worldwide. The approach to sponsorship seems cynical on its surface, but when it stops working, they'll stop using it.

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