Wealth Access has stepped up to the plate with a list of basic and effective ways to "modernize" your financial statements. Do them and see if you can't melt some of that financial stress out of your life:

Step 1. Collaboration: Work with your financial advisers and other trusted professionals (including lawyers, your tax adviser and your insurance agent) to organize your financial data. Having a way for those professionals to upload your data to you -- and for you to download your data to them -- is a big time-saver, and it gathers all your financial records in one place.

Step 2. Visibility: Store those financial records coming in from myriad sources in one, easy-to-access place. "Having multiple assets -- and liabilities -- in different places is difficult," Benskin says. "Aim for an instant snapshot that can't be accomplished with different paper statements and various financial information coming in from various sources.".

Step 3. Reduce Risk: Using technology enables a financial consumer to know what they have, what they owe and where it is at any time, reducing concentrations in holdings, tax liabilities and improving cash liquidity. That should help keep the anxiety at bay when stock markets roil or you're dealing with a cash crunch.

Step 4. Control: You always want to own and control your own data and to control who has access to your information and how much of it they can access. "But there's a big caveat here," Benskin says. "You have to make sure your information isn't being shared or sold to third parties."

Step 5. Mobility: Modernizing your financial statements is not just about being able to physically see your credit card statements and other financial details on a tablet. It's more about pulling data out of one program and dropping it into another; or exporting your information from your checking account to conduct a cash flow analysis on your assets and liabilities to your other liabilities and assets. In short, you want to move your financial data around as needed and in a timely and efficient fashion.

Organizing -- or as Wealth Access puts it, "modernizing" -- your financial statements can be your first step in alleviating financial stress. Take that step and you may leave money anxiety behind for good.

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