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Oil field servicer Halliburton ( HAL) has quietly been carving out some strong performance in 2013, buoyed by sustained oil prices on the high end of their historic range. High oil means that a greater number of oil wells suddenly become economically viable, which drives demand for oil servicers such as Halliburton. HAL is an integrated oil servicer -- the firm does oil and gas companies' dirty work, specializing in drilling, pumping, and project management.

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Because Halliburton has positioned itself as an integrated oil service company, it's been able to expand the amount of work it does for any individual project -- and muscle out less-inventive peers in the process. Big oil customers are happy to have a single point of contact with their well servicers, and Halliburton is happy to take all of the jobs on the site. Still, HAL is hardly the first to take an integrated approach to oil field service, so big rivals have a similar clamp on other sites.

International growth is one of the most important areas that HAL can pursue right now. As oil development in markets like Latin America and Asia continue to heat up, Halliburton's ability to snag deals with foreign, government-backed oil firms is going to be paramount to the firm's ability to keep growth rates high. At home, technology holds the promise of invigorating a mature oil industry, especially as more efforts are thrown at extracting oil from shale and oil sand sites that have been too pricey to commercialize in the past.

With a hefty portfolio of oil and gas recovery tech, Halliburton should remain on customers' short-lists when they look for help pulling commodities out of the ground.

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