Other pet peeves: The Windows Phone platform has some other annoying missing items that I find particularly irritating. Here are some, from the top of my mind:

1. The address book does not synchronize with the categories field in Outlook on a regular Windows PC. I've spent 20 years in Outlook refining this field, carefully organizing all of my contacts, and now Microsoft's own phones don't even use it?

2. If you can't synchronize the categories field, you can't filter or sort on it.

3. You can't even sort the address book based on company name. Remember, "sort" is not the same as search. Sometimes you have entered different company names differently, but would like to sort them so you see your inconsistencies. For example, Qualcom vs. Qualcomm vs. Qualcomm Inc, or something to that effect.

4. There is no "total contacts count" in the address book. You want to know whether you have 24,998 or 24,999 contacts in your address book, so you have an indication whether the synchronization with Outlook or whatever, has worked or not.

5. You can't synchronize with a local PC via the good old USB cord. Let's say you have a second or third address book you want to keep completely offline, synchronizing only to a local PC, with no connection to a cloud service what-so-ever. Windows Phone doesn't let you do that.

6. I find the podcast player lacking when compared to the Apple ecosystem. It's too little space here to go into specifics, but when you try to make library-wide updates, synchronize bookmarks across smartphones, tablets and PCs, the Microsoft podcast player just doesn't measure up against Apple. Hey, at least unlike Android,

Microsoft has one.

The final analysis: The Nokia hardware is generally among the very best. The Microsoft Windows Phone operating system is overall very competitive. So should you buy the Nokia 928 on Verizon -- or for that matter any Windows Phone on any network?

If you are 100% sure that you will not need any of the hundreds of thousands of incremental apps available on Android and iOS -- but not Windows Phone -- then by all means get the Nokia 928. I'm not among these people. The Windows Phone app deficit is simply a non-starter for me.

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