This year, 2013, is nothing like 1967. No year can be. But death still looms, hedonism is still attractive, summer is still hot and sensual. A similar disconnect again exists between the halls of power and the paths of personal experience. The Baby Boomers especially, faced with far fewer summers left to them, are primed for another seize-the-moment season.

Manzarek's death, along with that of Woodstock star Richie Havens a few weeks earlier, will act as a catalyst, sparking a renewed interest in "Light My Fire" in particular -- a great song as well as a great emblem.

Look for lots of air play in the coming weeks, and in coming months look for remakes from younger artists (egged on by some gray-haired suit with a hookah stashed on his trophy case in the record label's back office), look for it to turn up as a last-minute addition to summer blockbuster movies or as theme music for just about anything exciting that happens during the month of July.

And if none of that happens, it's still a great song.

-- Written by Carlton Wilkinson in Asbury Park

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