Proposal Nine – Amendment of Articles of Association

Regarding the proposal to amend Yandex's Articles of Association to confirm them to recent changes in Dutch law, 1,036,360,306 votes cast in favor, 8,097,163 votes cast against, and 5,657,075 votes abstained.

Proposal Ten – Appointment of Auditor

Regarding the proposal to ratify the selection by the Audit Committee of ZAO Deloitte & Touche CIS as Yandex's independent registered public accounting firm for the year ending December 31, 2013, 1,048,858,027 votes cast in favor, 1,273,143 votes cast against, and 15,988 votes abstained.

Proposals Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen – General designations and authorizations of the Board of Directors

Regarding the proposal to authorize the Board to issue ordinary shares and preference shares, 953,888,305 votes cast in favor, 96,207,305 votes cast against, and 18,934 votes abstained.

Regarding the proposal to authorize the Board to exclude pre-emptive rights, 945,288,897 votes cast in favor, 104,798,805 votes cast against, and 26,842 votes abstained.

Regarding the proposal to authorize the Board to acquire shares in Yandex, 992,607,894 votes cast in favor, 54,645,819 votes cast against, and 2,860,831 votes abstained.

About Yandex N.V.

Yandex (Nasdaq:YNDX) is one of the largest European internet companies, providing the world with search and online services one market at a time. Yandex's mission is to help users solve their everyday problems by building people-centric products and services. Based on innovative technologies, the company provides the most relevant, locally tailored experience on all digital platforms and devices. Yandex is the leading search service in Russia and also serves Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. More information on Yandex can be found at
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