In many ways, this mimics the kind of usage that many people have in the real world. For example, on the Asus Nexus 7 from last summer -- a device famously powered by Nvidia's Tegra 3 CPU/GPU -- loading Web pages is relatively slow, in my opinion.

On the contrary, loading Web pages on this Nvidia Tegra 4-based HP laptop/tablet was extremely fast. I tried the same test on a Samsung Nexus 10 side-by-side. The Samsung Nexus 10 is widely considered to be one of the fastest Android devices in the market.

In this test, the Nvidia Tegra 4-based HP device completed the test in just under half the time of the Samsung Nexus 10. Watching it load those Web pages, it was blazing fast.

Now, on the Nexus 10, the browser was Google's Chrome -- widely considered to be the best browser in the world. On the HP, it was the "old" Android browser, which Nvidia has "enhanced" in some nondescript way. I would like to see the same test done with the Chrome browser running on the Tegra 4-based HP device.

Will HP be successful in selling this 10.1-inch tablet-laptop convertible for $480, starting in August? It's hard to tell. Computex is coming up, and companies such as Asus, Acer and Lenovo are examples of those that will likely compete fiercely in this field, possibly also by August. Will those companies also run Nvidia's Tegra 4? Who knows? Some may.

My personal opinion is that this is a somewhat tough product segment for something that's meant to be sold with a keyboard. A 10.1-inch screen doesn't lend itself for productivity, such as authoring this article. The screen needs to be at a minimum 11.6 inches, and preferably somewhere between 12- and 13-something inches. That's when you have a comfortable laptop for proper productivity.

I think the people at Apple ( AAPL) over the years -- from Steve Jobs to Tim Cook -- have an excellent point in terms of their view that a product needs to primarily do one thing well -- not try to do everything well. You could combine a fridge with a toaster, but why?

Microsoft's and Google's hardware partners seem to believe that a tablet and laptop may successfully reside in the same hardware. I am not so sure. I believe a tablet is fundamentally a different product, more closely related to a cellphone than a laptop.

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