TEL AVIV, Israel, May 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alvarion® Ltd. (Nasdaq:ALVR), a global provider of optimized wireless broadband solutions addressing the connectivity, coverage and capacity challenges of public and private networks, today announced that TigoBusiness Nicaragua has chosen the company's carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution as its platform for Wi-Fi networks. To date, TigoBusiness has deployed several Wi-Fi networks using the Alvarion solution to deliver a range of services throughout the country.

"We searched for a solution that would allow us to cost-effectively connect a large number of users with a minimal number of access points. We tested a number of different vendors before we chose to use Alvarion as the platform for our Wi-Fi network solution," said Nestor Martinez, Business Unit Manager, TigoBusiness Nicaragua. "Alvarion's solution proved to be robust and provided the necessary performance in terms of speed, coverage and security as well as the QoS to support video and other applications. In addition, the solution is cost effective and scalable as we expect the networks we deploy to rapidly grow." 

To complement its fixed network and other services, TigoBusiness Nicaragua is using Alvarion's carrier-grade Wi-Fi base stations to offer customers an end-to-end Wi-Fi solution. TigoBusiness is targeting various sectors, including –
  • Universities and schools: cross campus Wi-Fi, facilitating new e-learning programs, video streaming and content sharing, fostering better teaching and learning experience for students and staff.
  • Retail stores: enabling a new shopping experience, efficient store management and video security over Wi-Fi. 
  • Enterprise and government: managed Wi-Fi networks, supporting secured access for employees and visitors with Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) hand-held devices, improving collaboration and efficiency, and facilitating Cloud services (provided by TigoBusiness as well).
  • Logistical and distribution centers: utilizing the Wi-Fi network to enable the use of warehousing applications for more efficient inventory control and management.
  • Industry: utilizing the Wi-Fi network to manage industrial processing controls across the manufacturing line in the food industry (including, peanuts, sugar and beer).
  • Metro Hot Zones: public Wi-Fi access in crowded locations to serve residents, local businesses and tourists, promoting economic development.

"We are thrilled to have such a prominent and highly-regarded service provider as our partner. We won TigoBusiness as a customer after a testing and selection process in which we demonstrated the many benefits of our carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution vs. competition. With TigoBusiness as a partner we have a solid foundation to expand our presence in Nicaragua," said Zeev Farkash, EVP of Sales at Alvarion. "The prevalence of Wi-Fi is growing worldwide, with demand for both private, enterprise-own, networks as well as networks providing public access. We believe we have the right technology to be successful and continue winning customers such as TigoBusiness."

Among TigoBusiness' Wi-Fi customers to date are Universidad Americana, a private university with a student body of approximately 3,000, dedicated to the development and improvement of higher education in Nicaragua and committed to international diversity through the Go Global program and which prides itself with being equipped with the most modern technology; the Pierre & Marie Curie School, a private trilingual school with more than 500 students enrolled, best known for its large multicultural student body and arts specialty (home to the first Latin American school observatory where the asteroid 2012 FE52 was discovered); SINSA Hardware Stores, the largest chain of hardware and "do it yourself" stores in the country; and the Instituto Nicaraguense de Turismo, a government agency responsible for promotion and development of tourism in Nicaragua. 

Alvarion's carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution includes advanced carrier-grade, wireless broadband base stations operating in the 2.4 and 5 GHz unlicensed bands using spatially adaptive Beamforming technology and interference mitigation algorithms to provide optimal connectivity, extended range, increased capacity, indoor penetration and uniform coverage.

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About TigoBusiness Nicaragua

TigoBusiness Nicaragua (which previously operated under the "Amnet" brand) builds carrier class telecommunication infrastructure since 2003 for corporate services in Nicaragua and since 2008 is owned by Millicom International, (operating under the "Tigo" brand), a public company with 46 million of users in Latin America and Africa. Today a market leader in Nicaragua, TigoBusiness provides a complete set of solutions for corporate, medium-sized enterprises, education and the government sector.

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