Yes, Apple Still Dominates. However ...

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Get a load of the comments section of the YouTube version of my Friday appearance on CNN.

While I'm not surprised at the behavior of a minority with Internet beer muscles, the parts of the interview they took exception to bemuse.

The peanut gallery had a problem with the comment that I spent more on Apple ( AAPL) products over the last year than my wife and kid. To them, I say, loosen up. We're not saving the manatees here. I was joking.

Anyway, half the Apple products I have purchased were gifts to my wife and child. They get an incredible amount of use and enjoyment out of them.

But why dwell on the ramblings of a deranged few? If we're going to go after the disturbed, let's deal in size. A larger, albeit still smallish number of people who viewed the video had a problem with my contention that Apple still dominates, all else equal, today, in this moment in time.

In a 2-minute 47-second hit where I call for the firing of Tim Cook, I hardly expected a bunch of ... wait ... what should we call them?

Some politically incorrect cats -- not me, of course -- used to refer to the most ardent supporters of the artist formerly known as RIM as "RIMTARDS." That's Blackberry ( BBRY) now, FYI. And plenty of people, particularly the folks who came after me, pejoratively refer to people who really like Apple as "fanboys."

What do we call this new cult of unstable personalities who go to the extreme to defend Google's ( GOOG) Android operating system? Because that's just what they did. They went berserk because I claim Apple dominates over Google and Samsung. One person even said I should be stoned. And they weren't speaking in Cheech and Chong terms, which I could get with . . . they still live in the days of Mary Magdalene.

Their recurring argument against my assertion of Apple domination amounted to little more than look at the marketshare data. At that point, you quickly realize they have no idea what they're talking about whatsoever.

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