New Glarus Raspberry Tart

Alcohol by volume: 4%

President Barack Obama had New Glarus co-founder Deborah Carey over to the White House last year to discuss small business concerns, but we'd be disappointed if he didn't score a few bottles of their expansive fruit beer offerings from the exchange. With selections including a Belgian Red, Cherry Stout and Apple Ale, it gets really tough not to dive headlong into one of the most impressive collections of fruity beers in the country. Their Raspberry Tart is a near-perfect summer offering that's so sweet and fizzy that the brewery recommends chilling it and serving it in a champagne flute. It's not a terrible idea, as it drinks much like a wine and has only enough hops to create a slightly bitter nip at the end. That it's served in 750-milliliter bottles may help solidify its place in the wine rack, but the sweet Framboise Ale is still enough of a summer beer to break out with some barbecued pork, grilled chicken or a late-night slice of rhubarb pie.

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