Larry Page Low Key on Google Glass

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Few details on Google ( GOOG) Glass were revealed during the kickoff of the company's I/O developers conference Wednesday, though CEO Larry Page seemed to indicate during the Q&A session the product wasn't quite ready yet for the mass market.

"It's quite different from existing computing devices," Page said during the session. "I don't know what the production numbers will be ... I think our main goal is to get happy users using Glass. We've put a bunch out to developers, we want to make sure we're building experiences that are making people happy."

Page noted that Google believes in Glass, and seemed to think the product will have a long life-cycle. "The team has tried to build a minimal set of things that will provide a great experience and make happy users. We can get going on it and work on it for the next ten years."

Page acknowledged he wasn't quite sure yet what the biggest opportunities were for developing on Glass. However, he said that the photography for the glasses have been "amazing. I love taking pictures of my kids with Glass." He also praised Glass's communications and navigation capabilities. "Ultimately, a lot of your experience can move to Glass. We're relying on all of you to figure that out."

Written by Andrea Tse in New York

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