And these coaches aren't alone in the $5 million club. Also joining them is coach Mack Brown at the University of Texas, Austin, who brought home $5.3 million last year. His Longhorns finished with a 9-4 win-loss record, leaving them tied for third place in the Big 12 athletic conference.

Penn State's football coach gets a big payday. Despite the Jerry Sandusky child-rape scandal that engulfed the football program at Penn State University, its football coach remains a top earner. According to Pennsylvania news website, current Penn State head coach Bill O'Brien made $3.6 million last year.

That was even higher than the salary of the late Joe Paterno, his famed predecessor. In his last year as head coach -- during which he was fired over the Sandusky scandal -- Paterno earned $1.1 million, according to The Associated Press. Paterno also walked away with a $13.4 million pension, reported The Huffington Post.

The highest-paid coach: Private universities are not required to disclose salary information for their coaches. But USA Today has reported that legendary basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski made $7.2 million back in 2010. Since he began coaching the Blue Devils back in 1980, Coach "K" has led the team to four national championships.

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