I Can't Find Pandora's Name Anywhere in Hollywood

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- For the last several weeks, I have spent a few mornings each week driving and walking around Hollywood searching for inspiration.

There's something about Los Angeles. Most people approach it with a mix of hate and sick curiosity. However, once you get to know it, it's an incredible place that absolutely does inspire.

It helps to navigate the core of massive LA County using various modes of transportation. Your feet, a bicycle or a car. I have used all three extensively over the last several years. These different perspectives help make LA feel surprisingly small and logically situated.

(For the record, I consider Wilshire Boulevard, which extends from Downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood to West Hollywood to Beverly Hills to West Los Angeles, ending in Santa Monica, the street that bisects the sprawling city).

Throughout West Hollywood, Hollywood, Silverlake and Echo Park in particular, you discover something new on every visit. I'm convinced somebody could drop me in the middle of the Sunset Strip, in front of the Palladium on Hollywood Boulevard or on the curb of the Elliott Smith Wall on Sunset Boulevard blindfolded and I would know, instantly, that I was in the music capital of the world. Situated between Dodger Stadium and Beverly Hills, there's just a vibe you can't help but feel, especially if you love live music.

But something's missing. A champion to harness this vibe and tie it all together. To keep the chaos, but make some sense of this smattering of venues, bars and landmarks. Pursuant to Tuesday's Does Pandora Do Enough to Promote Local Music, it's clear that Pandora ( P) can and should fill that role.

However, Pandora has virtually no visible presence across this musical landscape. And it's not like you feel its presence in the clubs on a nightly or even weekly basis. But there's no question, as you traverse this scene, folks battling LA traffic and, yes, walking in LA with their headphones on, are listening to Pandora. It's the number one radio station in the freaking market after all.

While I don't expect the company to unleash an expensive marketing campaign with billboards (it's relatively easy for Clear Channel to erect signage given that it, for all intents and purposes, owns the advertising company, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings ( CCO)), I anticipate partnerships.

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