Video Release -- CafePress Launches PressIt, A Simplified Way For Bloggers And Small Businesses To Monetize Original Content

LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CafePress Inc. (Nasdaq:PRSS), The World's Customization Engine®, today announced the launch of PressIt, an innovative e-commerce plug-in that creates opportunities for bloggers and other small online businesses to seamlessly monetize their original content without relying solely on outside advertising placements that may detract from a site's unique focus.

A video accompanying this release is available at

PressIt is a free, downloadable button that can be added to any Web page. It synchronizes a site's proprietary Web content with the CafePress product ecosystem, enabling bloggers and other small online businesses to generate revenue from a blog's original content by allowing visitors to create fully customizable print-on-demand products through CafePress.

" PressIt is a logical extension of our brand strategy – the intersection of customization and technology," said CafePress CEO Bob Marino. "It's a simple yet powerful tool that broadens access to our platform and allows anyone with original content – bloggers, artists, photographers – to engage with their audiences in a new way."

How it Works:
  • Blogger or Business signs up to become a CafePress affiliate.
  • Downloads and installs PressIt button to Web page content they believe may generate unique e-commerce product revenue (images, graphics, logos, text).
  • Visitors who click the PressIt button will be able to see selected content on a selection of CafePress' over 500 base products - including t-shirts, mugs, posters or tote bags.
  • Visitors place an order and, if completed and approved, the content owner earns an affiliate commission from CafePress.

"We can't think of an easier way for content owners to realize added value from their original work by creating an additional revenue stream that keeps their sites clean and free of advertising," said Jason Falls, Vice President, Digital Strategy for CafePress. "If it's tweet-worthy, it might be tee-worthy as well. Why just share it when you can wear it?"

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