Informatica Takes Cloud Integration To New Heights

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA), the world's number oneindependent provider of dataintegration software, today introduced Informatica CloudSummer 2013, the latest release of its award-winning InformaticaCloud family of cloud-basedintegration and data management software as a service (SaaS)solutions.

Powered by the industry's leading integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), Informatica CloudSummer 2013 delivers:

Cloud Integration Advances: Native SAP ConnectivityComes to the Cloud

Informatica leadership in SAP integration has led to a powerfulhybrid solution, leveraging Informatica PowerCenter forintegration design and Informatica Cloud for execution. InformaticaCloud Summer 2013 extends this leadership with the Informatica Cloud SAPConnector, providing native SAP table reading and writingcapabilities in the cloud. The new connector enables users to:
  • Easily extract data from SAP ERP Central Component (ECC)implementations for integrations with on-premise or SaaSapplications, databases and files in support of datasynchronization, data migration, data warehousing and BIinitiatives.
  • Browse SAP metadata with business descriptions inthe cloud providing self-service to business analysts andfunctional users who can easily switch between business andtechnical names in support of data migration, data warehousing andBI, and data synchronization activities.
  • Leverage new SAP Table Reader and Writer connectivityto extract data from SAP Transparent, Cluster and Pooled tables,from SAP Views, or load data into custom transparent tables usingInsert, Update and Delete functionality.

Additional Cloud SAP integration advances introduced with theSummer 2013 release include:
  • SAP HANA connectivity via ODBC for high performanceanalytics.
  • Enhanced SAP support for Cloud Integration Templates, with SAP IDoc Reader andWriter supported as source and target, and SAP BAPI transformationssupported in custom integration tasks.

Cloud Process Automation Advances: Add Data IntegrationTasks to Process Guides

Informatica Cloud Extend empowers customers withpowerful business process automation capabilities, enablingnon-programmers to create and publish "guides" that are accessed byusers within Salesforce views, web pages or mobile devices.Informatica Cloud Summer 2013 introduces several importantenhancements to Informatica Cloud Extend, including:
  • Ability to run Informatica Cloud integration tasks usingguides - Informatica Cloud Extend guides can now incorporateautomated steps that run Informatica Cloud integration tasks.Guides that collect information can now automatically synchronizethat Salesforce data with other data sources and applications inthe cloud or on-premise. .
  • Extended mobile capabilities - Cloud Summer 2013expands existing mobile execution of Cloud Extend guides with abeta release of a new downloadable mobile app, providing additionalexecution options and increased performance.
  • Customizable guide execution reports in Salesforce -Information about guide execution, including individuals runningguides and guide outcomes, is now recorded in Salesforce CRMenabling users to create custom reports showing guide usage andSalesforce productivity improvements.
  • Simple theme customization - Organizations can quicklyand easily customize the look of their guides' interfaces,including new button, border and font settings.

Cloud Data Quality and MDM Enhancements

Informatica Cloud Summer 2013 also delivers enhancements in theareas of cloud data quality and master data management (MDM):
  • InformaticaCloud MDM for now provides support formulti-type/multi-source/multi-dimensionalhierarchies to aid in the visualization and tracking ofmultiple different business interactions and entities. This enablesSalesforce customers to better collaborate on key customerinteractions, manage complex territories, and leverage pre-builthierarchies from 3rd party data providers, as well astheir own back-office systems to easily uncover cross-sell/upsellor white space opportunities. The new hierarchy managementcapabilities make Informatica Cloud MDM the foundation oftrustworthy reporting and analytics for Salesforce.
  • Informatica Cloud Contact ValidationService (CVS) now provides real-time addressvalidation at point-of-entry to increase data quality andaccuracy.

Informatica Cloud Data Masking: GeneralAvailability

With the Cloud Summer 2013 release, the InformaticaCloud Data Masking service is now generally available.Delivering award-winning  Informatica Persistent DataMasking technology as a self-service cloud application,Informatica Cloud Data Masking is the first comprehensive SaaSsolution for protecting data privacy in application development andtest environments such as SaaS application sandboxes.

New Cloud Connectors and IntegrationTemplates

Informatica Cloud has several new Cloud Connectors and Getit Now Cloud Integration Templates available instantly on theInformatica Marketplace:
  • New Cloud Connectors available for a free 30-day trial on theCloud Marketplace Mall include connectors for MicrosoftSharePoint, MongoDB, JSON, Hive (Hadoop) and QuickBooksOnline. 
  • New Cloud Integration Templates available for a free 30-daytrial on the Cloud Marketplace Mall include Templates forSAP-to-Salesforce, Workday-to-Concur and Workday-to-NetSuiteintegrations.
  • The Virtual Data Machine is an embeddable data managementengine that accesses, aggregates and manages data. The technologycan deploy logic regardless of type, volume or source of data;computing platform; or end user. The Virtual Data Machine is thecore engine that drives the Informatica Platform.


All Informatica Cloud integration customers were upgraded to theSummer 2013 release on May 11, 2013. To learn more about therelease and register for an interactive webinar visit:

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Supporting Quotes:
  • "The next phase of cloud computing requires a shift fromreal-time flows and analyses of data to right time flows," said R"Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst & CEO, Constellation Research,Inc. "Companies will increasingly move operational and businessintelligence data functions to the cloud, as the demand for fluid,real-time information increases. More importantly, context will bekey in providing relevancy. Cloud solutions must address theseneeds in order to help customers win in the market place."
  • "The Informatica Cloud Summer 2013 release demonstratesInformatica Cloud's continued innovation as the industry's leadingcloud integration, data management and integrationplatform-as-a-service (iPaaS) solution," said Daegan Gray,President, INSynergy, LLC.
  • Informatica Cloud continues to rapidly expand the breadth anddepth of integration capabilities and use in the market, where itnow routinely processes more than two billion cloud integrationtransactions a day," said Juan Carlos Soto, senior vice presidentand general manager, Cloud Integration, Informatica. "With theSummer 2013 release, Informatica continues to deliver pioneeringcloud integration and data management capabilities designed to helpour customers unlock the full potential of all of their cloudservices."

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