Operating Expenses

Total operating expenses, primarily consisting of employee salaries and benefits, training expenses, travelling, entertainment and office related expenses, decreased 35.5% in fourth quarter 2013 to RMB30.7 million (US$4.9 million) from RMB47.6 million in fourth quarter 2012, primarily due to the decrease in headcount.

Total non-IFRS operating expenses were RMB27.2 million (US$4.4 million) in fourth quarter 2013, a decrease of 32.0% from RMB40.0 million in fourth quarter 2012.
  For the three months ended
  March 31,
  2012 2013 2013
In thousands (RMB) (RMB) (US$)
Operating expenses:      
Research and development expenses  20,203  6,049 974
Sales and marketing expenses   7,915  9,184 1,479
General and administrative expenses  19,277  17,267 2,781
Other income and expense 179 (1,823) (294)
Total operating expenses  47,574  30,677  4,940
Non-IFRS operating expenses:   
Research and development expenses  19,257  5,532 891
Sales and marketing expenses  7,507  9,038 1,456
General and administrative expenses  13,039  14,449 2,327
Other income and expense 179 (1,823) (294)
Total non-IFRS operating expenses  39,982  27,196  4,380

Non-IFRS operating expenses are defined as operating expenses excluding share-based compensation expense. The discussion and analysis below focuses on non-IFRS operating expenses, which the Company believes are more useful to investors to understand the Company's operating activities than IFRS operating expenses.

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