Sky-mobi strengthened the cooperative relationship with China Mobile in fiscal year 2013 and was granted access to fee-collection codes from China Mobile, which enabled the Company to collect proceeds without having to use service providers as intermediaries. The Company will try to maximize its cooperation with China Mobile directly, as long as the data volume resources granted by China Mobile are not exceeded, to benefit from lower channel costs and faster collection of the proceeds.

Non-IFRS costs associated with payments to industry participants decreased 16.6% to RMB93.4 million (US$15.0 million) in fourth quarter 2013 compared to RMB112.0 million in fourth quarter 2012. This decrease was primarily due to reduced channel costs, which were in-line with the decline in revenues collected from those channels, costs savings from dealing directly with the mobile operators as well as improved cost controls on purchasing mobile content for feature phones. Approximately RMB2.0 million of accrued costs payable were reversed into cost of sales in fourth quarter 2012 while no such reversal occurred in fourth quarter 2013. Such accrued costs are not expected to recur in the current fiscal year.

Non-IFRS direct costs including salaries and benefits, depreciation, office expenses and utilities directly related to the operation of the Maopao application store and the Maopao Community decreased 30.0% to RMB7.0 million (US$1.1 million) in fourth quarter 2013 compared to RMB10.0 million in fourth quarter 2012. The decrease was primarily due to a reduction in overall headcount in the Company's feature phone market business, which was in line with the Company's strategy to focus on the smartphone market. 

Non-IFRS gross profit for fourth quarter 2013 increased 6.3% to RMB60.6 million (US$9.8 million) compared to RMB57.0 million in fourth quarter 2012. Non-IFRS gross margin in fourth quarter 2013 was 37.6%, up from 31.8% in fourth quarter 2012, mainly due to the higher contribution of promotional income, which has a higher profit margin, as well as lower billing and transmission failure rates and cost savings from direct cooperation with China Mobile on the game platform.

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