LAS VEGAS ( TheStreet) -- What better way to finish off the SALT conference than some stock-specific ideas ahead of the weekend for you to mull over? On Mad Money, we are always looking for new ideas, so here are some top ideas presented to members of the conference:

1) DEX MEDIA -- from Andrew Jent of Hyman Capital

Dex Media ( DXM), which was also mentioned earlier this week at the Ira Sohn Conference, was recently formed from Dex One Corp. and Super Media. The business, which has basis of the two players in the yellow pages industry, is in clear secular decline. However, it has an opportunity to transition into digital. Yelp ( YELP - Get Report), an extremely exciting story which just posted a very strong quarter, is lauded for its potential in digital. But Super Media's digital subscribers are actually higher than Yelp. While the equity has been up, there is upside that remains.

2) PACIRA PHARMA-- from Kris Jenner at Rock Springs Capital

Jenner noted he has focused on healthcare in particular because of his very positive view on the sector, driven by being very early in innovation cycle (new medicines, new therapies that will address unmet medical needs to a system very demanding of value and very cost conscious.) Pacira Pharma ( PCRX - Get Report) is a single product company that is in the early stages of its commercial launch post FDA approval. The company's drug is an alternative to opioid management of post-surgical pain. Of course, we have discussed this opportunity on Mad Money with Alkermes ( ALKS - Get Report). From Jenner on Pacira: "This company can be a five bagger...We think in 2017 it will be a minimum of $5bn in cap... but it might not get there as it will get gobbled up."

3) AUTODESK -- from Michael Karsch at Karsch Capital Management

Karsch outlined that Autodesk ( ADSE) will benefit from the resurgence of non-residential construction in the U.S. - which lags the housing market by about 18 months, along with secular changes including cloud and 3D printing. (The company spends a tremendous amount on R&D, focusing on this transition to cloud.) Plus, Autodesk has shifted from a licensing model to a subscription model, something that has benefitted Adobe ( ADBE) in particular. Autodesk has had some company specific issues and European challenges, but it is working through these.

4) Shorting the debt of STANDARD CHARTED BANK -- Carson Block of Muddy Waters Research

Block outlined that while domiciled in the UK, Standard Chartered Bank is largely an emerging markets bank. Block notes that the market misunderstands the amount of risk that is presently in its loan book.

Note: As an aside, Block also believes that Qihoo ( QIHU), which was introduced as a strong idea earlier this week, is a fraud. On Mad Money, we have often cited the questionability of many of the Chinese Internet companies, save for Baidu ( BIDU - Get Report).

5) Shorting debt and equity securities of companies in Europe that are consumer facing or industries that have benefited over past few years from Chinese infrastructure growth -- Teho Phanos, CapeView Capital.

Phanos believes these companies are now left with debt loads and valuations under pressure. Think of companies that make mining equipment, excavators, companies that are miners themselves--these are typically second tier mid-market companies. While Phanos didn't call out specific names, he noted that while he sees the Eurozone staying together, that means it follows this recipe of austerity which means increased unemployment and slow growth.

--Written by Nicole Urken in Las Vegas.