5. Triomphe Burger
Triomphe, New York City
Price: $16

The secret to the Triomphe burger, says chef Jason Tilmann, is the English muffin bun. (Well, it's not exactly that it's a secret -- but it makes a great finishing touch for a phenomenal burger.)

"Well, when you look at the English muffin, it has those holes and ridges that collect flavor," Tilmann explains. "On a normal bun all the flavor seeps out and the bun gets really soggy. But an English muffin stands up more to the meatiness of the burger and the juice and is durable. It serves the purpose of collecting all that flavor."

The other special feature of this burger, says Tilmann, is the beef he uses -- an 80/20 ground beef mix (20% fat) that comes from one of the oldest purveyors in the country. "I've been to the facility to see it being ground. We get it fresh ground every day. It's ground every morning," he says.

This burger has a following, Tilmann says. If the menu were to be changed and the burger was no longer there, he would have angry patrons to contend with.

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