Cramer said after a modest 7% run since its IPO, Quintiles is one stock with a lot of room to run. The company is known as a contract research organization, which means they specialize in assisting drug makers in getting the mountains of data they need to prove their compounds are both safe and effective.

What makes Quintiles so exciting is it's trusted by the Food and Drug Administration and has both the size and scale needed to both provide excellent research as well as stifle its smaller competition. That's why Quintiles has been a part of 85% of all central nervous system research and 76% of all oncology research over the past few years.

Quintiles plays right into the hands of drug companies focusing on Phase II and Phase III testing, said Cramer, yet the stock still trades for less than its peers. Given a comparable multiple, Quintiles should be a $50 stock, or 16% higher, but the company deserves more than that given its superior growth rate.

Executive Decision: Matt Ouimet

In the "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer sat down with Matt Ouimet, president and CEO of Cedar Fair Entertainment ( FUN), the theme park operator that's seen its shares ride by 173%, including reinvested dividends, since Cramer first got behind the stock in August 2011.

Ouimet said Cedar Fair's success starts with providing value for its guests, and that's why his company is able to offer a 6% yield plus growth for its shareholders. He said the amusement park business wasn't always a good one, but Cedar Fair has learned how to bring the best practices from other industries such as hotels and cruise lines and integrate them into their business.

Ouimet said technology is also a big driver for amusement parks including everything from electronic tickets to the latest high-speed roller coasters and attractions. That's why 2013 is proving to be the biggest opening weekend ever for the company.

When asked whether gas prices affect Cedar Fair's business, Ouimet said that since most guests come from two hours away or less, gas is not a factor, but employment is. That's why as employment improves, more families are resuming their yearly trips to Cedar Fair parks.

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