Biotech Is Where the Bucks Are

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Successful investors use the same strategy as successful fishermen: You put your line in the water; if you catch something, you stick around. If you don't, you go fish somewhere else.

Fisherman love gadgets and tools to help them find the fish. Sometimes fish show up where they are supposed to, sometimes not.

Fishing is not about following the gadgets, however; it's about following the fish.

It is the same with stocks. Right now, the biotech sector, for the umpteenth week in a row, continues to be the leading sector in my Best Stocks Now app.

Data from Best Stocks Now App

There are a million reasons why. But the most important reasons come not from the pundits or even the CEO. They come from the stocks themselves.

Let's look at three biotech stocks that should be in your portfolio now.

When I write about biotech companies, or talk about them in the news, I hear from investors about why this company or that stock should be doing better.

This company just received a $50 million line of credit. Or that company just hired a new technology officer. But the stock does not listen.

It goes where it wants to go.

So I follow the stocks. Two weeks ago, my Best Stocks Now app declared Regeneron ( REGN) to be my top stock, not just in biotech, but among the entire 3,300-plus stocks that I follow.

I wrote an articleabout my No. 1 stock pick at that time.

Data from Best Stocks Now App

Regeneron makes drugs for cancer and arthritis and macular degeneration. It also makes big profits for investors.

When my Best Stocks Now app made it the top pick two weeks ago, Regeneron had returned 71%, 104%, 59%, respectively, to investors over the last one, three and five years. Those are annual rates of return. Not total return!

Here is what the total returns look like now.

Data from Best Stocks Now App

This has been one of the premier growth stocks of the last 10 years. A week after I made the call, Regeneron jumped up and became the biggest-gaining stock in the market that day. And I still like it.

Data from Best Stocks Now App

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