I am also happy that I was successful in was bringing some levity into my serious questions, as I wanted to lighten things up. I even interjected a good quote from Mae West -- another ad-lib -- into one of my questions on investment process, as Warren has done over time in his Chairman's letters. The quote: "The score never interested me, only the game."

When the meeting broke up for an hour for lunch, I spent a lot more money buying souvenirs for my friends. Then I went to the special section reserved for board members and management for lunch, and met a number of Berkshire's directors. For me, the highlight was when the husband of Warren's sister came up to me and introduced himself, telling me my first three questions were among the best ever asked at a Berkshire annual meeting.

At halftime, I also had a great interview with Susie Gharib on CNBC, which will be broadcasted Monday. I also did another interview with Lindsey "For Whom the" Bell "Tolls" at TheStreet. Here is Lindsey's interview.

Also, here an excellent and thorough blog of the meeting by Michael de la Merced of The New York Times.

Here, as well, is a Wall Street Journal recap and a New York Times summary of the meeting.

As I've already mentioned, on Monday and Tuesday I will review the questions I asked in my Diary -- and detail some of the questions that I didn't ask -- as well as analyze Warren and Charlie's responses.

Overall, I couldn't be happier about my delivery and the substance of my questions. I believe they contributed to a value-added session by highlighting issues never previously discussed in this forum.

I hope Charlie and Warren agreed.

Interestingly, three members of the Berkshire Hathaway board of directors came over to introduce themselves to me after the meeting concluded -- and they all said my questions were among the best in the last decade. Two of the directors said they were going to recommend to Warren that he have me back next year!

That would be some treat for me, as I would enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to challenge Charlie and Warren. I have a lot more questions to ask The Oracle.

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