Then there was video from Warren's congressional testimony in the early 1990s regarding the Salomon Brothers fiasco, as well as some clips from a Carol Loomis/Warren Buffett appearance on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart."

That was in addition to a very funny Terminator parody in which Warren wants to star in the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, only to be one-upped by Charlie.

Finally, a disco ball dropped in the Convention Center and the screen showed the Berkshire executives while the Village People song "YMCA" played.

Warren erupted from his chair and started enthusiastically dancing and doing the YMCA letters with his arms to the delight of the crowd. Everyone cheered and joined in.

I magically became collected, and I had regained my composure. I am not sure why, but perhaps it was the humor of the videos. I was calm and ready for the meeting to begin, and excited to ask my questions.

The question-and-answer period commenced after Warren spent a few minutes on the first quarter's results.

Then he introduced the panelists. When he got to me, he said in his introduction that inviting a "credentialed bear" was an unprecedented move by a company, and the he looked forward to the polemic.

Fortune's Carol Loomis asked the first question. Interestingly, the essence of her question -- taken from an email to her -- embodied most of my first question that I intended to ask. Fortunately I was prepared with some alternative ones!

My Conversation With the Oracle

I won't get into the questions now -- I will save that for Monday morning on Real Money Pro, along with my analysis of Warren's responses to my interrogation.

But I will mention that I ad-libbed a bunch of times, starting with before I asked my fist question: "Warren and Charlie, thanks for the invitation today. I am honored. I am looking forward to the role of playing Daniel in the Lion's Den to both of you, and to the 45,000 of your closest friends and greatest admirers in the Center today."

To my surprise, the crowd cheered for me.

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