Watching Three Earnings Reports

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Facebook ( FB) is the second-largest company reporting today, but it will be No. 1 on the media's list. The chart here has coiled up nicely, although I feel that options pricing lines up well with the chart targets. I am looking for $29.50 on the upside and $25 on the downside, which is a $2.00 to $2.50 range. Options are currently anticipating a move around $2.30, so a straddle is not in play for me here. I do believe there is a lot of air below $25 or over $29.50, but there is a lot of risk if using the weekly options.

I have set up three trades, but they will work with each other. First, I went long the June $27 put/$28 call strangle for around $2.75. Then I added the May 10 $28 call/$27 put strangle and short 2x May 3 $30 call/$25 put for around $1.05. The total cost of the trade here is $3.80. Lastly, I want to add some calendar spreads, long the May 17 $30 call/$25 put while shorting the May 3 expiration of the same strike for about $0.36. Overall, the trade is just looking for a move which stays between $24 and $31 here, with Facebook ideally moving toward the $30 or $25 level. FB Chart FB data by YCharts

Rovi ( ROVI) has benefited from several business announcements and deals, the latest coming with Facebook. It's hard not to like this chart, but I don't, and the reason is that I believe a lot of this anticipated business has now been priced into shares. This stock is all about what will or could be, so I don't believe it has any room for hesitation or misstep here. I'm looking for $20-$21 on the downside. The option volume is thin, but it has mostly been on the call side. I had a May $22.5-$20 put spread filled for $0.65. ROVI Chart ROVI data by YCharts

Lastly, I am looking at Concur Technology ( CNQR), which is extremely intriguing to me around earnings. Even though this company has exceeded estimates over the last three reports (actually I saw seven in a row), shares have sold off. In fact, the stock dropped 8% to 10% from the prior day's close at some point during the next trading day. So I want to look to play something like a May or June $70 put here into earnings. This is a trade I want to be quick with if it shows a profit.Concur has generally filled the earnings drop quickly, sometimes in a week, though other times it takes a few weeks. So this is one where buying the weakness has been very rewarding. My target will be to get shares down some 8% to 10% from today's close. Of course, all this requires shares moving lower rather than higher. We'll see what the report brings. CNQR Chart CNQR data by YCharts

At the time of publication, Collins was long FB call and put combos and had a put spread on ROVI.
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