9. Toyota (TM) Avalon Hybrid

MSRP: $35,559 (before tax credits)

Miles per gallon: 40 city, 39 highway, 40 combined.

How did Toyota turn its semi-luxury boat into a streamlined, fuel-efficient machine?

It remembered it actually makes luxury and hybrid vehicles and realized the Avalon wasn't very good at being either. This year, Toyota ditched the Avalon's '90s cruiser frame and built it on the same platform as the Lexus ES. It gave the Avalon LED taillights, noise reduction in all the right places, heated front seats, a moonroof, a touchscreen entertainment center, wood-grain trim and a backup camera.

It also trimmed fuel consumption and gave it mileage more suited to the modern driver. It's an upgrade in almost every regard and, with miles per gallon that still beat the Chevrolet Volt's hybrid mode, it's a a luxurious ride that doesn't skimp on its efficiency.

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